Motorcycle Club
We ride out every Sunday, throughout the year. Meeting at 9am in the Summer months and 9:30am in the Winter months, changing when the clocks do.
We now have three different groups riding from the Club, so there is always a choice of places to go, and speeds to travel.
From as close as Cleobury Mortimer and Quatt Café on our short, bad weather and Winter rides, to a bit further afield on our nicer Summer days. Then we may travel to such places as Oxford, The Ace Café and Matlock Bath.
Our usual ride is out for a breakfast somewhere and back to the Club for lunchtime around 100 miles or so.
All abilities of riders are welcome, we adjust the ride or route to suit.
You don’t have to book to come on these rides or even feel obliged to make every one, we just like folks to turn up and enjoy!
It’s what biking is about!
WAC Motorcycle Club
Tower Buildings, WR3 7SN Worcester, Worcestershire
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